China 2016

Along the Yangtze

Crew performance on the boat

Model of Three Gorges Dam

The locks

Tight fit in the locks

Boat elevator

Visitor Center

Sculpture detail

Minority village

Interesting roofline


Lots of monkeys

Coffins in cliff cave

Human mules

Maureen & friend

Bill & friend

Archaeology Museum in Hangzhou

Chinese wheelbarrow

Rural Central China

Gondola at Yellow Mountain

Jamie & Nina

Yellow Mountain

Maureen passed on this!

Love locks

Porter at Yellow Mountain

Bridge in Huang Shan City

3D mural in hotel

Sharon & Ted, Christine & Lane, Gloria & Dan, Bill & Maureen

Commuter rail station in Shanghai

Sharon modeling scooter-wear

Reindeer in Shanghai

Demonstration farm at Shanghai hotel

Suburban Shanghai