China 2005

Wen Shu Temple, Chengdu

Wen Shu Mural

Our Group with Master Lin at the Temple

Bill About To Be Tossed

Bill And Master Lin


LinLin, Robert, Master Lin, Bill

Jennifer, LinLin, Master Lin, Thuy

Master Lin and Matt

Matt with Veggies (What, no pork butt?)



Brian Makes Tofu

Leshan Buddha

Leshan Buddha

Incense at the Temple

Prayer Candles

Incense Through a Doorway

These men are standing atop the walls they are breaking with sledgehammers

Monkey at Emei (Buddhist) Mountain

Sign at top of Emei Mountain

View from the top of Emei Mountain

Pagoda over the Creek on the way to the Temple

Taoist Pagoda at QingCheng Mountain

Porter at QingCheng Mountain

(Then he gets to go back down and do it again)

Taoist Temple at DuJiangYan Irrigation Project

DuJiangYan Temple Figures

Waterfall at Yellow Dragon (Huang Long) Valley

Pond at Yellow Dragon Valley

Yew Horse at Hotel

Donna With Burger and Look of Utter Delight

Lake in Jiuzhaigou (Nine Tibetan Villiages) Valley

Jiuzhaigou Waterfall

Jiuzhaigou Waterfall

Jiuzhaigou Waterfall

Sunlight Among the Trees

Comrade Thuy

Trees On The Trail

Tree In The Road

Imitation Tree Trunk (a tribute to cheap labor!)

Prayer Flags over a Stream

More Prayer Flags

Tibetan Buddhist Temple

Photographer Thuy

Tibetan Village

Home in Tibetan Village

Home in Tibetan Village

Home in Tibetan Village

Home in Tibetan Village

Ancient Tibetan-Village-Themed Hotel

Tibetan Mural at Hotel

Tibetan Mural at Hotel

Flowing Water at Goddess Lake

High Mountains on the way to Goddess Lake

Statue along the River in Chengdu

Statue along the River in Chengdu

The Great Wall

Brandon, Thuy, Dondi at the End of the Great Wall

Tiananmen Square

Typical Beijing Apartments

View from TeaHouse in Yuyuentan Park

Large-scale Calligraphy at Yuyuentan Park

Members of QiGong Cancer Group: Gu Chen, He Kaifang, Bill, Li Hongzhao


The Jiang Family, Friends in Beijing: Hanchao Zhen, Zhou Wen Rong, Wang Lan, Jiang Xiao Zhou (Little Joe), Jiang Xi Ru