2018/19 (December through mid-May)

Bugumbilla gone wild

Jimador at Herradura Tequila Distillery

Mural in Tequila City Hall

Cathy & Andy at open-mike

With Dan Wilson on John's palapa: Crazy 'Bout a Mercury

Silas & Gavin in Mark's pool

Isaac on whale-watching trip

Jacque with Gavin & sick Silas

The shipwreck continues to break up

Armon in the prow

Alex enjoying the sun

Bearslap: Sean, Craig, & Carlo

D'Arcy & Beth

Donnie Goldman & friends, Gord & Rojo

Barra history class at the library, with Marta

Golden altar at mining town outside Guanajuato

Flowerpots in Guanajuato

One of six cathedrals in Guanajuato

A live person posing as a bronze statue in Guanajuato

Our favorite cafe in Guanajuato

Fishing with Giovanni in the lagoon

Bike Club: Bill, D'Arcy, Tim at the clubhouse

Shade-tree mechanic's yard