2016/17 (December through late-April, with trip back in March to visit grandkids)

On the way!

Dashiell's first margarita

Tama getting happy

Maureen relaxing on the palapa


Maureen on hog

Gil's creations

Bill with Marita

Cameron with Marita

A very tender sailboat

Maureen with Gabriel at Cabo Blanco

The church in the barrio

Look out everybody!

Bull riders praying at Autlan Rodeo

Look, Ma, no hands!

Beautiful horse

Another one

Dancing horses

Dancing couple

Jared & Chantal & girls



Bill & Rolando cutting bananas

Bananas ripening

Howard's funeral flotilla

Erin spreading ashes from the Jamaica Day

Stranded ship just outside Barra bay

One of the locals

Mural: Fun in Tequila


Bill & Maureen at Herradura Distillery

Blue agave

Jimador trimming agave

Pile of agave piñas


Escape well at Herradura

Distilling kettles

Original distilling kettles from 1800s

Artistically decorated pigs at Sauza distillery

Maureen with pig

Tourist bus in Tequila

Maureen & Perla

Maureen & Coral

Maureen & David


Giovanni's birthday party

Jason & Quincy go for the piñata

Diosce, Armondo, Ruben, & Maureen listen to Tata Joe

Maureen with exotic drink at Cyhnna's

Paul & Rojo at Chynna's


Luz Patricia

Beautiful sunset

Another one

On the way home