2008/09 (December through April)

Our first visitors, Jud & Muriel, on Christmas Day

Muriel outside Beer Bob's Book Exchange

Buying veggies from RoseAlba

Christmas Gathering

The hostess in her kitchen

Evening Book Time

Jud pressed into work on the first columna of the season: "Come down and visit us in Mexico"

Maureen Mixing Concrete!

The Kids at the Alondra

Isaac and Maureen

Sasha and Lisa

Studly guy on the beach

Studly guy's dad

County road crew

Another columna being poured

The kids pitch in

The middle columna - a work of art!

Erendira and Giovanni watching


More of same!

Water play

Francisco and friends


Starting the roof!


Linda and John making sand beer

El trompe

Zorro in white!

Here comes the mud

The roof

Maureen and Gabriel

Erendira and Maureen

Rolando and Gil starting the kids' floor

The Forest Primeval

The Forest Primeval and The Dark Woods

Ready for concrete

Low tech: wheelbarrows instead of pumper

Maestro and apprentice


Sunset on another season