2007/08 (December through March)

Maureen's Garden


I'm afraid they're trying to put me to sleep


Dashiell, Maureen, & Tama at the Alondra

Dashiell & Zorba

Dashiell y su Abuela

Our Favorite!

Zorba & Family

Zorba & Dashiell

Dashiell in the Tub

Maureen, John, Linda at the Beach

Jenifer Painting the Beer Bob sign

Bill & Burren Show off their New Cowgirl Boots

Getting Smarter!

Rick, Bill, John, Howie Pouring the Basement

John Boxed into a Corner: uh - oh!

Burren Escapes from the Corner

After the Basement Pour

Maureen 'on Vacation' at Hotel Merced, Colima

Hotel Merced, Colima

Cribbing for the Street-level Pour

The Forest Primeval


John's Shop, with Bandsaw for Cutting Foam

Ready for Concrete

Howie Checking it Out

Moving Mud

The Finished Slab

The Party

It's Done!

Burren & Kaitlin

Bill & Burren Design the Window Arch

Rolando & Fernando Forming una columna

The Great Wall

Alexandra Inside the Wall

The Dungeon

The Wall Completed

Erendira & Giovanni Dos Santos

Bill & Giovanni

Erendira & Giovanni

Armondo Carpintero

Shoulder Stand

The Blues