2005 (5 weeks, Thanksgiving to New Years Eve)

Boat And Model

Bottom Glue Up

Bottom Goes On

Ed At Work On The Boat

The Crew: Maureen, Erin, Marc, Bill, Ed

The Builder

La Morenita ("Little Brown Girl")

Out The Window

Final Touches


Sea Trials

The Launch Party Begins

Maureen, Marina, Beer Bob, Francesca, Bill, Gabriel

Maureen, Elias, Chris, Gabriel, Lorry

Elias Giving Gifts

Elias Taking Pictures

Bill, Victor, Erin



Erin Goes Rowing

Chris Tries The Boat

Jerry And the Aftermath

Local Fisherman

Studly Guy on the Beach, Christmas morning

Maureen Gets Hug From Studly Guy

Studly Guy With Two Women

Marc With Two Women

Marc And Elias

Marc And Erin

Christmas Display

The Street Above the Lot

Thursday Market

(A little hard to make out: approaching the market is a man with a wheelbarrow
containing a cauldron of soup, attended by his mother with an umbrella and a
basket of bread)

Our Last Sunset

Aesop In The Canal!

Spring 2006 Progress!